Centre For Innovation

To ensure that we continue to deliver the highest possible quality of products and services for patients, Canadian Blood Services recently created a new Centre for Innovation: a strategic initiative to build a network of partners dedicated to advancing patient care in transfusion and transplantation, through research, product development, and targeted knowledge exchange.

Donate now to help us continue to apply our research knowledge in practical ways in our day-to-day operations, supporting the delivery of enhanced products and services to save and improve the lives of more and more Canadians.

Your financial support will help us work on exciting
innovation projects including:


Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation Staff (Left: Dr. Jason Acker, Centre: Adele Hansen) collaborating with Dr. Lacey Johnson (right) from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service on the assessment of a new red blood cell processing device.

  • Cord Blood for Research Program: a brand-new program to provide Canadian researchers access to cord blood donations that cannot be banked, but can be used to undertake research that one day may help patients suffering from diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, and aplastic anemia,
  • Researching how to camouflage the surface of red blood cells so that we can provide transfusions to patients who have antibodies that attack and destroy red cells,
  • Participating in an international clinical trial to assess a new way of "sterilizing" platelets to inactivate pathogens and further reduce risk,
  • Seeking more affordable and available replacement therapies to lessen the burden of producing ever-increasing amounts of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) to serve patients requiring this product,
  • Working to understand and further reduce the risk of transfusion - associated lung injury (TRALI), an uncommon but potentially fatal complication related to blood transfusion.


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