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Whether you’re having trouble with your account, or would like to make a suggestion, Canadian Blood Services offers you quick and convenient options to troubleshoot or get in touch. Contact us via live chat, consult our FAQ, send an email feedback@blood.ca, or give us a call at 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

What We Do

Canadian patients depend on us to manage a safe, secure and cost-effective blood system. We bring quality to every aspect of our work - from collecting, testing and manufacturing blood, blood components and stem cells to knowledge creation and dissemination to conducting ground-breaking research.

Our role also includes providing the following unique services to Canadians:

Our Organizational Structure

Canadian Blood Services operates within the larger health-care system of transfusion and transplantation medicine. We are funded by the provincial and territorial ministers of health – our corporate members, who select our board of directors. The CEO, who reports to our board of directors, oversees 9 vice-presidents and our internal auditor.

Our corporate members and our executive management team work with the Provincial and Territorial Blood Liaison Committee, which provides advice and support to the provincial and territorial deputy ministers and ministers of health on issues affecting the blood system.

As part of our stakeholder engagement, our board of directors has a variety of advisory committees, including the National Liaison Committee, which has representatives from patient groups, medical experts and the public. Reporting into the National Liaison Committee, are Regional Liaison Committees that provide perspectives and feedback from geographic areas.