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Whether you’re having trouble with your account, or would like to make a suggestion, Canadian Blood Services offers you quick and convenient options to troubleshoot or get in touch. Contact us via live chat, consult our FAQ, send an email, or give us a call at 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

Recognition Program

Thank youYou Are The Heart

Donors like you are the heart of Canada’s blood system. Your generosity means life for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who need blood, blood products and stem cells each year.

Our system is built on the principle of gratuity: no one is paid for giving blood. You give because it matters. And we — and the patients who receive our blood products, and their friends and families — thank you.

One of the ways we show that thanks is through our National Donor Recognition Program. When you reach a milestone of giving, we make a point of acknowledging your contribution, whether with a pin, a card, a certificate or other token. The Donor Recognition Program was developed with the input of donors from across Canada. It is a token of our appreciation for the contribution donors make to giving life across Canada every day.

Every April, May and June at recognition events across the country, we celebrate and show our gratitude for our dedicated donor community.

Your gift means life. Thank you.

How do we recognize donors?

The program includes appreciation items such as special donor cards, lapel pins and certificates to thank you, our donors, after you have reached various donation milestones. These items are standard across Canada and ensure that all donors receive consistent recognition for their contribution to giving life.

What types of donations are donors recognized for?

We recognize all donation types — whole blood, plasma, platelets and stem cells. A single donation of any type is counted once and the total number of donations is tracked by Canadian Blood Services.

Level Pin Certificate Card
25 Bronze
50 Silver
100 Gold
150 Platinum
200 Lifetime
250 Lifetime 250
Every 50 donations after
Every 100 donations after Lifetime 350+

Stem cell donors receive a certificate for each donation they give.

How do donors receive their awards?

Recognition items may be given to donors at the donor clinic (i.e., lapel pins), through the mail (i.e., donor cards) or at a special donor awards ceremony (i.e., certificates).

Honouring our Lifeblood

Honouring our Lifeblood is an annual ceremony held in honour of all milestone donors. Local editions are hosted right across Canada, and a grand national celebration is held each September in Ottawa.