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Who Does My Donation Help?

Your Donation Can Touch So Many Lives

What greater gift is there than the gift of life? That’s exactly what every blood donation delivers. Blood and blood products are a critical part of everyday medical care including major surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and managing disease. For patients like Hunter, the need is constant.

table showing how much blood is needed to treat illnesses


Born with a congenital heart disease, Madison needed more than 40 blood transfusions as a baby, as well as daily platelet and plasma transfusions. She spent her first 72 days in intensive care. Today she’s a happy, healthy four year-old girl, thanks to an ongoing supply of blood products. Get to know Madison.


Diagnosed with leukemia, Rick received numerous blood transfusions while he waited for a suitable stem cell donor to be found. As he underwent rounds of chemotherapy, there were several times his doctors thought he wouldn’t make it—especially when he slipped into a coma for weeks. But today, Rick has been cancer-free since 2007. Find out how blood donations saved Rick’s life.


A regular blood donor herself, Danielle was in a serious car accident that killed her fiancé and left her clinging to life. She lost so much blood that several transfusions were needed to save her life. If not for the generosity of blood donors, she would not be here right now. Hear Danielle’s story.


Paul’s life was saved by blood donations after being diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a condition where your body stops producing enough new blood cells. After over 100 blood and platelet transfusion, he and his family are able to enjoy the simple things in life. Meet Paul and his family.

See how every blood donation makes a difference in someone’s life —and find out if you can give.