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Transfusion Medicine Web Resources

Transfusion Medicine Web Resources

Diagnostic Services

Below please find a list of web resources for transfusion medicine clinical and laboratory practitioners. Included are links to specific tools (freely available texts on transfusion medicine, a database to search the scientific literature, documents describing pharmaceutical anti-D, etc.), as well as links to other web pages that host collections of materials supporting transfusion medicine practice.

Clinical Guide to Transfusion Medicine

A concise manual for clinical transfusion medicine including chapters on crossmatching (Chapter 8 Pre-Transfusion Testing), and perinatal testing and care (Chapter 12 Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn and Perinatal Immune Thrombocytopenia).

A searchable database of biomedical scientific literature, including free access to article abstracts.

California Blood Bank Society E-Network Forum

A searchable, refereed question and answer forum with an international audience that contains answers to common clinical and laboratory blood bank questions (for physicians and blood bank technologists). Questions are often answered by providers in a variety of healthcare settings.

Bloody Easy 3

Bloody Easy Blood Administration

Two excellent, concise and high-yield transfusion medicine texts available for free download in pdf format.

BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office Resources

British Columbia Provincial Blood Coordinating Office’s transfusion resource material— including guidelines, systematic reviews, and policy manuals.

Transfusion Ontario Resource Centre

Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network’s (ORBCoN) blood information resource centre. Plasma Protein Products Information

Canadian Blood Services’ Plasma Protein Site. Resources include contact information for Plasma Protein Products and Canadian Product information, as well as all plasma protein products distributed by Canadian Blood Services with description of vial sizes, whether or not there are human source proteins presents, and storage temperatures (“Customer Table of Information”).

Cangene (RhIg)

Cangene’s RhIg resource site for hospitals and clinics. Site highlights the use of RhIg in ITP, including information regarding its use for prevention of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn. Includes “Canadian Monograph” links and contact information for reporting adverse events (, or product inquiries (