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About Diagnostic Services

If you require any of our laboratory reports in an accessible format (see our accessibility policy for more information), please contact your local Hospital Liaison Specialist.

In addition to the collection, processing, testing, and distribution of blood products for transfusion, Canadian Blood Services also provides testing services to support hospitals.

The Diagnostic Services Department’s primary focus is ensuring high quality patient care by providing support to hospitals and clinics through access to specialized transfusion medical and technical expertise.

Diagnostic Services’ Laboratories are located in several provinces and offer a broad range of services, based on unique customer needs.

Laboratory services include the testing of samples referred from hospitals and clinics for:

  • Patients who may require transfusion so that appropriate blood products can be matched for the patients’ specific needs,
  • Pregnant women and their babies to ensure appropriate care both before and immediately after delivery,
  • Laboratory workup to identify the need for rare matched blood,
  • Specialized compatible platelets when required and
  • Molecular testing.

Canadian Blood Services’ mandate ensures that the Diagnostic Services Laboratories will continue to adapt to emerging technologies to improve patient management and to maintain Canadian Blood Services’ leadership position in transfusion medicine.

Diagnostic Services Laboratories are located in Canadian Blood Services’ Centres in: