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Whether you’re having trouble with your account, or would like to make a suggestion, Canadian Blood Services offers you quick and convenient options to troubleshoot or get in touch. Contact us via live chat, consult our FAQ, send an email, or give us a call at 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

Receipt of Products

Blood components and products must be shipped to hospital customers in a manner that will provide protection for the shipment contents, maintain temporary storage conditions (as define by Standard CSA-Z902-10 Blood and blood components), and provide evidence of tampering during transportation. A packing slip is included that lists the contents of the shipment.




Shipping Containers

Canadian Blood Services uses a variety of shipping containers and gel/ice packing configurations. The type of shipping container (J82, E38, Smith) is based on the required component shipping temperature and the environment that the shipping container will be exposed to during transport. See Customer Letters 2012-162011-02 and 2010-39 for more details.

Contact your local hospital liaison specialist if you require a copy of our shipping box validation results.

Tamper Indication Device

Each shipping container has a tamper indication device applied after the shipping container is closed for shipment. If you receive a shipping container that is damaged or there is evidence of tampering, immediately contact your local distribution site. See Customer Letters 2013-17 and 2012-35 for more details.


Packing Slips

All blood components and plasma protein products shipped to hospitals are accompanied by a packing slip, inserted into the lid of the shipping container. In some of our locations, the plasma protein product packing slip may be placed inside the box . In most circumstances there is one packing slip for each shipping container. For plasma protein product shipments, there may be one packing slip for multiple boxes included in the shipment. The packing slip includes the name of the hospital and a list of the components/products in the shipping container. If there are any discrepancies between the packing slip (shipping address, contents) and the contents of the shipping container, including missing or extra components/products, immediately contact your local distribution site. This will ensure full traceability in the event of a recall/withdrawal or lookback/traceback.

See Customer Letter 2013-29: End Label and  Packing Slip Changes, Progesa Blood Management Software Upgrade, for more details.

Plasma Protein Product Packing Slip: see Customer Letters and2012-33 and 2007-07.

Visual Assessment Guide

Visual Assessment Guide

Following your facilities’ operating procedures, each component should be visually inspected. A Visual Assessment Guide is also available and Customer Letter 2009-11.

Each plasma protein product should be inspected for leaks or unusual appearance as per the package insert.

Contact your local distribution site if you have any questions about the appearance of a blood component or a plasma protein products.


Storage Conditions, Expiration Dates, and Storage Devices

Blood components and plasma protein products have defined storage conditions indicated on the blood component end label or plasma protein product box and/or vial. Storage conditions for blood components are also listed in the Circular of Information. Failure to follow storage conditions may compromise and/or damage the component/product, and cause suboptimal response to the transfusion/infusion or serious patient harm.

Each blood component and plasma protein product is labeled with an expiration date. See the Circular of Information or plasma protein product package insert for more details.

Follow your blood bank/transfusion service’s standard operating procedures regarding storage, storage devices, and temperature monitoring. Reference: CSA-Z902-10 Blood and blood components.



Please see Customer Letter 2014-07 for information regarding blood component and plasma protein product returns.

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