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About the Centre for Innovation

Conducting and Supporting Leading-Edge Research

While impressive gains have been achieved to make the blood system as safe as possible for donors and recipients, there remain many challenges and emerging issues requiring research to support the continued safety, quality and supply of fresh blood components, plasma products and stem cells for Canadians.

Canadian Blood Services, through its Centre for Innovation, conducts and supports research in key priority areas that span the translational continuum from “bench to bed side.” The focus is on transfusion science and medicine but also emerging related fields such as cellular therapies (in particular hematopoietic stem cell transplantations) and organ and tissue transplantation.

Instrumental to the Centre for Innovation’s research efforts are discovery research laboratories and product and process development laboratories. Led by Canadian Blood Services staff investigators, these laboratories are located within Canadian academic research centres or within Canadian Blood Services facilities.

Complementing the core Canadian Blood Services research laboratories, the Centre for Innovation plays a key role in facilitating a national and international network of blood system experts to address today’s issues and prepare us for tomorrow. Through a series of funding programs and research collaborations, the Centre for Innovation supports a vast network of Canadian and international investigators and partners.

The Centre for Innovation works closely with Canadian Blood Services supply chain, developing and executing product and process development projects to enhance and advance Canadian Blood Services operations for the benefit of Canadian patients and the health care system.




    Our Impact

    Canadian Blood Services is dedicated to support a safe, effective and responsive system of blood and related biologics for Canada. Because the Centre for Innovation is integrated into our daily operations, its work has direct, practical relevance.

    Specifically, the Centre for Innovation focuses on three areas:

    • Research
    • Product and process development
    • Knowledge mobilization

    Over the years, Canadian Blood Services’ research efforts have led to new technologies, improved component production processes and leading practices.



    Our Investigators

    The Centre for Innovation plays a key role in facilitating a national and international network of blood system investigators. Instrumental to the Centre for Innovation’s research efforts are Canadian Blood Services staff investigators. Complementing this core group are collaborators who are receiving funding from our various research and training programs, including Canadian Blood Services adjunct scientists.




    Centre for Innovation

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