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Products for Research

The Centre for Innovation provides internal and external researchers with access to products for research. Currently, we provide researchers with blood components, cord blood, and expired or discarded products from Canadian Blood Services supply chain. We also provide access to unique sets of data. Our processes for distribution of products and data for research follow a rigorous ethical and legal framework with oversight from Canadian Blood Services Research Ethics Board.

Blood Products for Research

Through our netCAD Blood4Research facility in Vancouver, the Centre for Innovation provides researchers with blood products to support their discovery research and applied development projects on current and next generation blood products and manufacturing technologies. The blood for research is collected from donors who cannot donate blood for patient use due to certain conditions.


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Cord Blood Products for Research

The Centre for Innovation, in partnership with Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank and The Ottawa Hospital, has established the Cord Blood for Research Program. With mothers’ consent, cord blood products collected at The Ottawa Hospital that do not meet the criteria for storage in the Cord Blood Bank are distributed by the Program to approved research projects.

The Cord Blood for Research Program's mission is to facilitate research that promotes advances in the fields of transfusion, cellular therapies and transplantation medicine in Canada.

The Program distributes fresh unprocessed cord blood units and frozen processed cord blood units to researchers. 


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