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Research Ethics Board

The Canadian Blood Services Research Ethics Board (REB) ensures that research involving the participation of humans meets current research ethics standards. The REB reviews all research involving human participants conducted by or on behalf of Canadian Blood Services, including all research involving personal information or biologic materials collected by Canadian Blood Services. The REB also advises Canadian Blood Services on bioethical issues inherent in the research reviewed.

Contact the REB


Submit a new application

The full REB Application is available below. Please allow two months for review of a full application. 

Note that requests for netCAD products, cord blood or Canadian Blood Services data for research have different forms that include REB information.

Amend an approved application

Any modifications to approved studies must first be approved by the REB before changes can be implemented. This includes Principal or Co-Investigator changes.

Renew an application

REB approvals are granted for a period of one year and must be renewed on an annual basis. A maximum of four renewals may be granted (for a total of five years) for a given project before a new application must be submitted.

Report an adverse event related to your study

All serious adverse events related to a research participant enrolled in your study must be reported to the REB within 15 days of the investigators becoming aware of the event.

Report a privacy breach

Investigators are required to report any breach of a research participant’s confidential information as soon as they become aware of the event.

Contact Canadian Blood Services’ Privacy Office:
  • E-mail:  
  • Tel: (613) 739-2483 or toll free at 1-877-262-9191

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