Help Us Build a Better Blood System.


We are dedicated to raising funds to support the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, blood donation and organ donation. We raise funds to help improve the donor experience and to help fund important programs to increase the self-sufficiency in our urban markets.

It is one more way that Canadian Blood Services is doing everything it can to build the best possible blood system. The money raised through the fundraising activities will go towards four main areas:

  • Help us build a national public umbilical cord blood bank by supporting our first ever capital campaign, For All Canadians.  This $12.5 million fundraising campaign will provide new mothers with an opportunity to donate their child's umbilical cord for the benefit of patients in need of a stem cell donation. 
  • Help us recruit new blood donors and increase registrants to the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, particularly those who represent Canada's youth and diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds. For example, this could be done through specialized marketing and recruitment campaigns directed at engaging those diverse blood donors that will be needed to sustain our blood system.
  • Help us enhance our blood donor clinics, which will help retain blood donors by providing them with an improved blood donor experience. Clinic enhancement may include improved collection technology to maximize the gift of each donor, furnishings and amenities to make donating a more pleasant experience, and improving the convenience and effectiveness of blood donor clinics.

  • Help us improve our research & development programs by providing extra funding for new equipment, technology, projects or facilities. Research and Development is crucial to maintaining a state-of-the-art, excellent blood system in Canada. Advances in collection, storage, clinical use and product quality are among the ongoing goals of Canadian Blood Services' Research & Development program.

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